Brick Harbor

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Skateboarders, meet Brick Harbor. The site launched Tuesday and is aiming to carve out a niche as a go-to digital destination for skaters. It's part e-commerce site, part content source and part culture hub, says director of operations Chase Whitaker.

"Our main goal is just to become the voice of skateboarding for the Internet," Whitaker told Mashable in an interview. "It's an unbiased outlet for skateboard media."

Brick Harbor sells gear and hardware from up-and-coming brands including Heel Bruise, Traffic and Hopps. Its pro team includes Stevie Williams, PJ Ladd, Terry Kenendy, and other riders. They will share exclusive content like skate videos, product reviews and lifestyle features with readers.

Another prong of the site's strategy is a robust social media presence, Whitaker says. On Facebook, fans will be able to "Like" all of Brick Harbor's products and share them with friends, offering the site a bit of grassroots marketing. On Twitter, the site plans to host a range of contests and giveaways. Brick Harbor shares lifestyle photos on Instagram and aims to fill out its Pinterest profile soon, Whitaker says.

Brick Harbor is backed by the established urban fashion site, so it should have some room to experiment with its social, editorial and e-commerce balance. Another strength, according to Whitaker, is that everyone who works for the company — from himself, to bloggers, to customer service reps — is a skateboarder, which gives the site a unique level of authenticity.

"Everything we've done has had a lot of attention to detail, from the riders we've picked up to the brands we've decided to showcase," Whitaker says. "There's a level of expertise and attention to detail that I think sets us apart from our competitors."

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